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Bat Boy: The Musical

Book by Keythe Farley and Brian Flemming
Music and Lyrics by Laurence O’Keefe

July 7, 8, 9, 10,
14, 15, 16 and 17 – 2011

This delightfully inventive musical based on a story in the newspaper tabloid Weekly World News is about a half boy/half bat creature who is discovered in a cave near Hope Falls, WV. He is brought to the home of the town veterinarian, where he is eventually accepted as a member of the family and taught to act like a “normal” boy by the veterinarian’s wife and teenage daughter. Bat Boy is happy with his new life, but complications ensue until a shocking end to his story. The musical is silly and totally charming with an imaginative mix of skewering humor and energetic glee. Sexual content – not recommended for sensitive viewers.

Bat Boy: The Musical is Footlite Musicals’ Young Adults Production, featuring performers ages 18 to 25. Open auditions are held in May for interested performers. Participants must be high school graduates in 2011. Kathleen Clarke Horrigan will direct this production.

Recent Young Adults Productions have included All Shook Up, The Wedding Singer, Once On This Island, The Will Rogers Follies, Footloose, The Secret Garden, Seussical and Ragtime.

Confessions of a Cave Dweller

Confessions of a Cave Dweller is our behind-the-scenes documentary series. Find the latest episodes below, and check out them all on our YouTube page.


Bat Boy: Damon Clevenger
Meredith Parker: Nina Stilabower
Dr. Thomas Parker: Justin Klein
Shelley Parker: Libby Buck
Sheriff Reynolds: Matthew Altman
Rick Taylor: Grant Conrad
Ron Taylor: Josh Breece
Ruthie Taylor: Kelly Barger
Mrs. Taylor: Laura Remeika
Lorraine: Gigi Aldridge
Maggie (Hope Falls Town Council): Tara Roberds
Bud: Chris Rohrer
Ned: Matt Rohrer
Roy: Tim Alan Thompson
Reverend Billy Hightower: Will Jones
Pan: Matt Patterson


Whitney Claytor
Christina Craig
Lara Dollinger
Sofia Dollinger
Brianna Handy
Jenny Hogan
Matthew Hook
Evan Wallace


Director: Kathleen Clarke Horrigan
Assistant Director/Lighting Designer: Ryan Mullins
Producer/Sound Designer: Zach Rosing
Vocal Director: David Barnhouse
Stage Manager: Michael Long
Assistant Stage Manger: Kayla Meid
Conductor: Gus Sterneman
Costumer: Curt Pickard
Choreographer: Melissa Schott
Props: Nicola Liss
Makeup: Crystan Rush
Set Design: Gale Sturm
Master Carpenter: Bob Kirts
Video Production Intern: Katie Lennox


Book by Roger O. Hirson
Music and Lyrics by Stephen Schwartz

August 11, 12, 13, 14,
18, 19, 20 and 21 – 2011

The young prince Pippin longs to discover the secret of true happiness and fulfillment in this hip, tongue-in-cheek, anachronistic fairy tale. He seeks it in the glories of the battlefield, the temptations of the flesh and the intrigues of political power (after disposing of his father King Charlemagne the Great). In the end, he finds the happiness and fulfillment come about in the most unusual of ways. The energetic pop-influenced score is by three-time Oscar-winning composer/lyricist Stephen Schwartz (“Wicked,” “Godspell” and “Children of Eden”) and bursts with one show stopping number after another.


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Pippin is Footlite Musicals’ Young Artists Production, featuring performers ages 13 to 18 and 2011 high school graduates. Ed Trout will direct this production.

Recent Young Artist Shows have included Into The Woods, AIDA, Once Upon A Mattress, Sweet Charity, Grand Hotel, Chess, Jekyll And Hyde and Les Miserables.


Pippin: Malcolm Herbert
Leading Player: Ike Wellhausen
Charles: Jake Smith
Lewis: Kevin Melrose
Fastrada: Kelsey Vaught
Berthe: Anna Christianson
Catherine: Abby Morris
Theo: Ben Behrend


Coleman Adamson
Peri Barnhill
Sarah Barron
Akil Davis
Cormac Doebbeling
Ashtin Flowers
Patrick Godbey
Jeffrey Hunnicutt
Amy Kleiman
Haylee Link
Emmi Malcolmson
Bailee Penski
Katherine Ruegger
Lydia Schweitze
Madison Smith
Emily Stout
Grace Taylor
Megan Timmons
Jared Updike
Rowan Whitcomb


Director: Ed Trout
Assistant Director: Katie Berndt
2nd Assistant Director: Kendall Trout
Music Director: Elizabeth Scoble
Assistant Vocals: Michael Davis
Producer: Marianne Malcolmson
Assistant Producer: Priscilla Turner
Stage Manager: Stacey Peterson-Reynolds
Choreographer: Noel Outland
Costumer: Linda Rowand
Set Design: Ed Trout
Tech Director/Construction: Michael Davis & Malcolm Malcolmson
Lighting Design: Maria Matters
Hair & Wigs: Dan Benslay
Properties: Carol Kirk
Accompanist: Phyllis Wickliff
Sound Tech: Jeff Rowand
Light Board: Julie LeHunt
Magic Consultant: Taylor Martin


Book by Rupert Holmes
Music by John Kander and Lyrics by Fred Ebb
Original Book and Concept by Peter Stone
Additional Lyrics by John Kander and Rupert Holmes

September 16, 17, 23, 24, 25 and 30
and October 1 and 2 – 2011

It’s the brassy, bright, and promising year of 1959. Boston’s Colonial Theatre is host to the opening night performance of a new musical. When the supremely untalented leading lady mysteriously dies on stage during her curtain call, the entire cast and crew are suspects. Enter a local detective, who just happens to be a musical theatre fan. He plans on not only solving the crime, but saving the show and maybe even finding love before the show reopens, without getting killed himself! Nominated for eight Tony Awards and nine Drama Desk Awards in 2007, including Best Musical. Footlite’s production is the Indianapolis premiere of this very funny musical directed by Dan Scharbrough.

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Lieutenant Frank Cioffi: Paul Nicely
Carmen Bernstein: Raena Goldberg
Georgia Hendricks: Carrie Neal
Aaron Fox: Tom McTamney
Bobby Pepper: Michael Davis
Niki Harris: Susie Harloff
Christopher Belling: William Carlson
Daryl Grady: Daniel Meyer
Johnny Harmon: Steve Hermanson
Oscar Shapiro: Darrin Gowan
Sidney Bernstein: Thom Johnson
Bambi Bernet: Julie Bandy
Jessica Cranshaw: Georgeanna Teipan


Matthew Altman
Dustin Bowers
Alys Dickerson
Steven Dunigan
Ervin Keith Gainer, Jr.
Kevin Johnson
Emmi Malcolmson
Bryan Padgett
Stacey Peterson Reynolds
Elizabeth Scoble
Molly Will
Cami Zook


Director: Dan Scharbrough
Producer: Marianne Malcombson
Stage Manager: Judy Smith
Vocal Director: John Phillips
Orchestra: Laura Cones
Lighting Design: Joanne Johnson
Set Design: M.L. Malcolmson, Ed Trout
Costume Designer: Jenn Davis
Choreography: Linda Rees
Conductor: Laura Cones
Props Mistress: Carol Kirk

The Music Man

Book, Music and Lyrics by Meredith Willson
Based on a story by Meredith Willson and Franklin Lacey

November 18, 19, 25, 26, 27
December 2, 3, 4 – 2011

An affectionate paean to Smalltown, U.S.A., of a bygone era, this musical follows fast-talking traveling salesman Harold Hill as he cons the people of River City, IA, into buying instruments and uniforms for a boys’ band he vows to organize – this despite the fact he doesn’t know a trombone from a treble clef. His plans to skip town with the cash are foiled when he falls for Marian the librarian, who transforms him into a respectable citizen by curtain’s fall. Directed by Bill Hale.

Check out photos from the show on our  Facebook page!


Harold Hill: Dan Stockton
Marian Paroo: Theresa Koleszar
Mrs. Paroo: Susan Donohue
Winthrop Paroo: Clark Rulon
Charlie Cowell: David Stine
Mayor George Shinn: TBA
Eulalie Mackecknie Shinn: Cindy Collins-Mullencupp
Gracie Shinn: Rowan Whitcomb
Zaneeta Shinn: Amy Roberds
Tommy Djilas: Steven Dunigan
Amaryllis: Lucy Neal
Marcellus Washburn: Michael Davis
Ethel Toffelmier: Tara Roberds
Maude Dunlop: Liz Leatherberry
Alma Hix: Joli Heavin
Mrs. Squires: Deb Weinmann
Mrs. Britt: Nikki Martin
Olin Britt (Quartet): Cody Miller-Smith
Ewart Dunlop (Quartet): Parnell D. Johnson, Jr.
Oliver Hix (Quartet): Tom McTamney
Jacey Squires (Quartet): Dennis J. Jones
Train Conductor/Constable Locke: Brad Doebbeling

River City Ladies

Mary Lynn Evans
Judy Lombardo
Ragen Sanner
Jodi Wingler

Traveling Salesmen/River City Townsmen

Ray Dobell
James Hildreth
Kevin Johnson
Malcolm Malcolmson
Mark Patterson
Fred Powell

River City Teenagers

Ray Dobell
Betsy Hall
Alexandria Hill
Emmi Malcolmson
Evan Reed
Emily Urbanski
Evan Wallace

River City Children

Sarah Barren
Aden Coleman
Cormac Doebbeling
Gwyneth Doebbeling
Makenna Doherty
Jim Melton
Jamera J. Robinson
Lucy Shirley
Anastasia Stine


Producer: Marianne Malcolmson
Director: Bill Hale
Assistant Director: William Andrews
Choreographer: Julie Bandy
Vocal Director: Paula Phelan
Costumer: Jenn Davis
Scenic Design: Fred M. Duer
Technical Director: Justin Cooper
Properties Mistress: Carol Kirk


A Play with Music by Stephen Temperley

January 6, 7, 13, 14, 15,
20, 21 and 22 – 2012

Described as “a beguiling comic jewel with a heart,” Souvenir presents the story of Florence Foster Jenkins, a wealthy society eccentric, who suffered under the delusion that she was a great coloratura soprano when she was in fact incapable of producing two consecutive notes in tune. Nevertheless, her annual recitals in a New York City hotel ballroom brought her extraordinary fame. As news of her terrible singing spread, so did her celebrity. Her growing mob of fans packed her recitals, stuffing handkerchiefs in their mouths to stifle their laughter: which Mrs. Jenkins blissfully mistook for cheers. The climax of her career was a single concert at Carnegie Hall in 1944. Souvenir, by turns hilarious and poignant, tells her story through the eyes of her accompanist, Cosme McMoon, who regards her at first as little more than an easy way to pay the rent. But, as he gets to know her, his initial contempt gives way to reluctant admiration, then friendship and affection. By the play’s end, audiences will also have come to love and admire Florence. Directed by Camilla Upchurch.

Check out photos from the show on our  Facebook page!


Cosme McMoon: John Phillips
Florence Foster Jenkins: Lori Ecker


Producer: Scott Hainey
Director: Camilla Upchurch
Assistant Director: Paul Nicely
Production Manager: Dana Flack
Stage Manager: Stacey Peterson Reynolds
Technical Director/Set Design/Decoration: Brenda Upchurch
Assistant Technical Director and Master Carpenter: Dave Rosencrans
Costume Designer: Susan Sanderock
Sound Designer: Zach Rosing
Lighting Designers: Carmen Upchurch and R. Kim Upchurch
Choreography Consultant: Martin Casanova
Properties Consultant: Carol Kirk
Light Board Operator: Michael Wadelton
Production Consultant: Marianne Malcolmson

The Full Monty

Book by Terrence McNally
Music and Lyrics by David Yazbek

March 9, 10, 16, 17,
18, 23, 24 and 25 – 2012

Seeing how much their wives enjoy watching male strippers during their “Girls’ Night Out,” unemployed steelworkers in Buffalo, NY, come up with a bold way to make some quick cash. In the process they find renewed self-esteem, the importance of friendship and the ability to have fun. As the guys work through their fears, self-consciousness, feelings of worthlessness and anxieties (over everything from being overweight to child custody, bigotry to being gay), they come to discover that not only are they stronger as a group, but that the strength they find in each other gives them the individual courage to face their demons and overcome them. Directed by Kathleen Clarke Horrigan. Recommended for mature audiences only.


Check out photos from the show.


Jerry Lukowski: Ryan Dunne
Nathan Lukowski: Cormac Doebbeling
Pam Lukowski: Jessica Bartley
Teddy Slaughter: Dean Reynolds
Dave Bukatinsky: Tom Bartley
Georgie Bukatinsky: Robyne Ault
Harold Nichols: Michael Davis
Vicki Nichols: Georgeanna Teipen
Malcolm Macgregor: Patrick Love
Molly Macgregor: Julie R. LeHunt
Ethan Girard: Evan Wallace
Noah (Horse) T. Simmons: Freddie BasNight
Jeanette Burmeister: Linda Terrel
Buddy (Keno) Walsh: Michael Hargis
Reg Willoughby: Daniel Klingler
Tony Giordano: James Hildreth
Estelle Genovese: Sam Sechrest
Susan Hershey: Karen Webster
Joanie Lish: Tara Roberds
Marty: Aaron Spielman
Gary: David O. Merriweather
Ensemble: Summer Shelby
Ensemble: Paige Scott
Ensemble: Amy Roberds
Second Stripper/Ensemble: Ervin Gainer


Director: Kathleen Horrigan
Producer/Sound Designer: Zach Rosing
Music Director: Damon Clevenger
Stage Manager: Judy Smith
Choreographer: Trish Roberds
Dance Captain: Amy Roberds
Lighting Designer: Ryan Mullins
Costume Designer: Curt Pickard
Assistant Costumer: Sharon Kirts
Set Designer: Lukas Schooler
Construction Consultant: Bob Kirts
Hair/Makeup: Audrey Stauffer
Props: Ginny Morris
Rehearsal Accompanist: Larry Bonebright

Big River: The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

Book by William Hauptman
Music and Lyrics by Roger Miller
Adapted from the novel Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain

May 4, 5, 6, 11,
12, 18, 19 and 20 – 2012

Twain’s timeless classic sweeps us down the mighty Mississippi as the irrepressible Huck Finn helps his friend Jim, a slave, escape to freedom at the mouth of the Ohio River. Their adventures along the way are hilarious, suspenseful and heartwarming, bringing to life your favorite characters from the novel: the Widow Douglas and her stern sister, Miss Watson; the uproarious King and Duke, who may or may not be as harmless as they seem; Huck’s partner in crime, Tom Sawyer, and their rowdy gang of pals; Huck’s drunken father, the sinister Pap Finn; the lovely Mary Jane Wilkes, and her trusting family. Propelled by an award winning score from Roger Miller, the king of country music, this jaunty journey provides a brilliantly theatrical celebration of pure Americana. Directed by Maria Matters.

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Mark Twain: Kevin Shadle
Huckleberry Finn: Anthony Snitker
Widow Douglas: Barbara Howrey
Miss Watson: Brenda Snyder
Jim: Jordan Donica
Tom Sawyer: David Buergler
Ben Rogers: Jim Melton
Joe Harper: Thomas Whitcomb
Simon: Scott Hainey
Dick: Cormac Doebbeling
Pap Finn: Ed Trout
Judge Thatcher: Gary Life
Strange Woman: Barbara Howrey
Crossing Soloist: Brandon Glenn
The King: John Phillips
The Duke: Michael Davis
Hank: Jim Melton
Andy: Cormac Doebbeling
Lafe: Scott Hainey
Young Fool: Jerry Beasley
Isaac: Sidney Moore
Andrew: Dennis J. Jones
Mary Jane Wilkes: Noelle Steele
Susan Wilkes: Christina Barnes
Joanna Wilkes: Morgan Ray
Counselor Robinson: Ed Trout
Sheriff Bell: Brad Doebbeling
Harvey Wilkes: Scott Hainey
Sally Phelps: Brenda Snyder
Silas Phelps: Gary Life
Doctor: Kevin Shadle

St. Petersburg Townsfolk, Mourners and Gospel Chorus

Jerry Beasley
Sydney Cabell
Trent Cook
Brad Doebbeling
Bronwyn Doebbeling
Caroline Doebbeling
Gwyneth Doebbeling
Lauren Frank
Brandon Glenn
Jack Molitor
Sidney Moore
Haley Glickman
Barbara Howrey
Megan Melton
Willaine St. Pierre-Sandy
Gwendolyn Stout
Allie Wineland
Shannon Wise


Director: Maria Matters
Vocal Director: John Phillips
Orchestra Director: Robert Blacketer
Choreographer: Noel Outland
Costumer: Jennifer Davis
Props: Carol Kirk
Props Assistant: Dana Flack
Set Design: Ed Trout
Set Decoration: Michael Davis
Technical Director: Keith Matters
Executive Producer: Bill Hale
Producer: Debbie Noffke
Producer: Marianne Malcolmson